About Us

Wonder Stoves is a social enterprise based in Sierra Leone operating in the sustainable energy sector for domestic, commercial and institutional use. We manufacture and distribute improved energy efficient cookstoves using locally available materials.
We have been manufacturing and distributing cook stoves since 1990. We have an innovative business model that benefits all income groups along the whole value chain, including suppliers, local artisans, retailers and customers. This generates a positive economic, social and environmental effect.
We thrive on continual innovation and strive to design our products to be more fuel-efficient than the traditional cooking appliances already used in Sierra Leone and other African countries.
Our cookstoves offer a reduction in indoor air pollution, reduced expenditure on household cooking energy, a reduced rate of deforestation, and a decrease in harmful atmospheric emissions.

Our Mission

To enhance and develop cleaner cooking methods and fuels, combat deforestation and create career opportunities along the value chain, especially for women, youths and the disabled.

Our Vision

To empower households across Africa by providing them with cleaner, more efficient and robust cooking appliances and fuels.

Our Products

Westwind Energy develops a range of products on the basis that all customers cannot be served with only one model. We are cookstove developers and producers over and above anything else. We have developed a variety of cookstoves to meet varying customer needs, cooking practices, and preferences: double burners, single burners, institutional, commercial and household stoves. The stoves are powered by the various fuel types available in the local market such as LPG, charcoal, firewood.






Wonder Stoves manufactures and distributes a wide range of improved energy efficient cookstoves that use both traditional fuels such as firewood and charcoal as well as modern fuels such as LPG.

Some of our Charcoal stoves are derived from the Kenya Ceramic Jiko, this means they come with a ceramic insulated fire chamber set in a metal casing. These stoves reduce the amount of charcoal needed for cooking by around 60% resulting in significant household savings and less deforestation.
Our latest model charcoal stoves have now got an invisible ceramic liner that is used for insulation and have a metal grate to place the fuel.

Our Firewood stoves are based on the rocket stove technology and are designed to accommodate locally manufactured cooking pots. The institutional firewood stoves are fitted with a chimney and they eliminate about 95% of smoke in the kitchen and offer up to 75% savings on firewood.

Our LPG stoves are bigger and sturdier than the imported models and as a result better suited to our local methods of cooking as well as pots.

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